YES Network in Resources for Future Generations 2018

YES Network in Resources for Future Generations 2018

Resources for Future Generations 2018 (RFG2018) is an innovative international conference dedicated to the availability of resources needed to sustain future generations. RFG2018 will provide participants with a program that will explore six vital themes: The Earth, Energy, Minerals, Water, and Resources and Society, and Education and Knowledge – and the interdependencies between them. The RFG2018 was launched in June 16-21, 2018, Vancouver, BC, CANADA. There are 45+ plenary and keynote addresses, 1,200+ oral presentations in 4 days, 200+ posters and Meeting Hub and Trade Shows.

 YES Network is strongly involved into RFG2018 and promote more young and early career geologist to participant this event.

With the collaborated with IUGS Commission on Global Geochemical Baselines, we organized the fourth Training course on Applied Geochemists. There are more than 20 guest from 15 countries participated.

With Earth Sciences Matters, we organized the Early Career workshop and GeoQuiz and YES Network sponsored the lunch for all young guests. The young people had the chance to do a face to face meeting with senior scientists, researchers in mine industry.

YES Network together with IUGS CGI supported more young students to join RFG 2018 from lowest developing countries and gave the full fund support for the winner of YES Network-CGI Competition.

YES Network was invited to co-chaired for 4 scientific sessions and participant into 2 collaboration sessions such as one of the most highly session for Changing the Role of Global Geological Surveys.