Council Elections 2019 – 2020

Council Elections 2019 – 2020

The Geological Society has once again commissioned the highly respected Electoral Reform Services (ERS) to administer this year’s Council elections. ERS is the UK’s leading independent ballot services provider, and has extensive experience of overseeing ballots for a wide range of organisations.

All Fellows who are eligible to vote will receive an email from ERS on or soon after 11 February providing a link to the ERS website and a personalised security code.

Those for whom we have no email address, or have indicated they do not wish to receive correspondence by email, will receive a postal ballot pack.

If you would prefer to receive a postal ballot pack, have any questions or if you would like assistance voting, please contact Stephanie Jones at the Society.

The Election

The October issue of Geoscientist invited Fellows to nominate new members of Council for election to succeed those retiring at the Annual General Meeting on 6 June 2019.  Nominations were also sought for the post of President-designate.  Subsequent calls were made in the email newsletter.

Three nominations were received for President-designate, which, in accordance with Regulation R/G/11, Council reduced to two.

There are seven nominations for the remaining five vacancies.

It is important that Council is representative of the views and diversity of all the Fellowship so Fellows are urged to participate in this preliminary ballot which will determine the list for the formal vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The process for the election of members of Council is set out at section 6 of the Geological Society Bye-laws and for the election of Officers at clause 9.2.

The Council elections are your opportunity to choose who should serve on Council to best represent the interests of all Fellows and to shape the future of the Society.

Fellows may wish to make their choices having regard to the area of expertise of the continuing members of Council which are shown in the tables below.