YES attended Extraordinary Session of the IUGS-IGC Council


28th to 30th November 2020, YES EC Members attended the Extraordinary Session of the IUGS-IGC Council online. The meeting lasted for 3 days, in order to elect the new officers of the IUGS Executive Committee, receive reports from the officers, secretariat, commissions, initiatives, and task groups, and approve draft resolutions. A survey about how to reschedule the 36th International Geological Congress was applied following the congress.

Voting Results of the Extraordinary Session of the IUGS-IGC Council (28-30 October 2020)

In the Election of IUGS Executive Committee, Prof. John Ludden CBE (UK) was elected as the new President (2020-2024), Prof. Stan Finney (US) was elected as the Secretary General, Prof. Hiroshi Kitazato (Japan) was elected as the Treasurer, Prof. Hassina Mouri (South Africa) and Prof. Daekyo Cheong (Korea) were elected as Vice Presidents. Former YES Vice President Dr. Carlos Cónsole Gonella was successfully elected as the Councilors for 2022-2026. Carlos is the second YES member being elected as an officer of the IUGS Executive Committee. Congratulations Carlos!